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Year 5

Spring Term 2017

As well as welcoming a new teacher, year 5 have been working incredibly hard! In maths we have worked on fractions, decimals and percentages mainly and also worked on statistics. Next half term we are focusing on Measure, Shape and Space.

In Literacy, we have been developing our suspense writing skills! We rewrote the story of ‘Alma’ alongside looking at a variety of texts that kept us on the edge of our seats! We have also been studying ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ which links wonderfully to our History topic, the Vikings! We have created our own Dragon descriptions and even created masterpieces for homework, which now fly in our classroom! In the next half term we are developing our persuasion skills, instructional writing and poetry, rap and vocabulary building!

In Science we have investigated Living things and their habitats. We started with a bang by dissecting a Lily in order to identify the different parts of a plant and to then explain their unique features. We have since studies mammal’s life cycles, the British scientist, Jane Goodall and Metamorphosis. We will now be looking at Animals including Humans.

In RE we are studying Celebrations linked to key figures, looking first at Purim and Passover. In PE we have been Swimming and playing Dodge Ball. We have been given the fantastic opportunity to participate in the SEE-SAW project with St. Marys High School and have therefore been practising singing a variety of songs

Autumn Term 2016

In Literacy we have studied our ‘Take a Book’- Stig of the Dump and used this to understand viewpoints of different characters and to write recounts of events.  We have used our literacy unit of explanations to explain some of our learning in Science about the Earth, Sun and Moon. We also have learnt how to explain The Water Cycle.

In Maths we started with Place Value, Roman Numerals, Negative Numbers, Prime numbers, Addition and Subtraction and problem solving.  We are looking forward to learning more about multiplication, division and converting measures in November and December.

Year 5 have thoroughly enjoyed the topic of Ancient Egypt in History.  They were engaged right from the start, bringing in artefacts from home and researching facts as part of their homework. We have used this enthusiasm to develop our skills in Art; We painted hieroglyphics to create our own tomb and did portraits of Tutankhamen. We have developed our 3D technigues to minipulate and join clay to make Egyptian canopic jars.

In RE we have been comparing and discussing differing opinions of how the world was created and discussing some ultimate questions. After half term we will be studying Judaism.

In PE we have been learning invasion games and learning attacking and defending skills in Football. After half term they will be looking at different ways to travel and balance in gymnastics and creating their own sequences.

In ICT we have been learning how to use the internet safely and learning about e-safety.  We have also been learning about how the internet works and finding out about our carbon footprint.