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At Dewhurst St Mary CE Primary School  we strive to encourage our pupils to enjoy all aspects of Literacy including, Phonics, Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, Drama and Role-play. We teach a variety of genres of writing, giving our children an opportunity to be exposed to a selection of high quality texts. Literacy plays a key role in fully equipping our pupils for the future and a significant emphasis is focused on Literacy skills across the curriculum.

Pupils start learning to read and write by learning how to blend and segment sounds (phonemes) we teach this using the Ruth Miskins ‘Read Write Inc’ strategy.

How we teach reading and writing to pupils in Rec and Year1;

We teach set 1 and set 2 sounds in reception and complete this with set 3 sounds in year 1.  Pupils are tested with their Phonics attainment in the Summer term of Year 1 and this is compared to other pupils in schools nationally.

In year 2-6 we follow the ‘Read Write Inc’ Spelling Scheme which teaches spelling patterns and the Common Exception words which are published by the DfE.

How we teach spelling;


Across the school, our Friday Literacy lesson is an independent writting session based on the theories from Big Talk, Big Write session which give the children opportunities to expand their vocabulary and understand what makes a successful writer. Our aim is to make lessons as creative as possible, impacting on the children’s motivation to read and write. We promote opportunities for reading and writing both inside and outside the classroom, taking part in partnerships with secondary schools, World Book day events, poetry competitions and workshops.

At Dewhurst St Mary we encourage out children to read every night with an adult at home, this is in addition to Guided Reading sessions in school and individual reading with adults in school. Literacy homework and spellings will be undertaken regularly and we encourage children to use their Literacy skills across all subjects and homework tasks.

We use a wide range of reading schemes for teaching reading including;Oxford Reading Tree, Phonics Bug, Collins Big Cat , Rigby Star,  Project X

We supplement home-learning with an online literacy based program called Lexia where each pupil can log on and work systematically at their own level.  It assesses gaps in their learning and allocates activities for children to practice specific skills.

Big Talk Big Write Resources;