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Being a Church School

Dewhurst St Mary Church of England School is a Church school within the Diocese of St Albans. As a Church school, we have a Christian character and uphold Christian values. This gives our school a sense of community and supports us in creating a nurturing and caring environment for our pupils. We aim to enhance pupil’s spirituality and we have created our own Dewhurst St Mary logo;












We have excellent links with St Mary the virgin Church opposite our school.

We visit the church throughout the year for worship at Harvest, Christmas, Easter and at the end of the year for a leaver’s service.

Children take part in collective worship in school daily and we say our school prayer and the Lords Prayer during worship.

Christian Values and Ethos

  • We are a School in which every child understands his or her individual goals and feels encouraged and supported in reaching and exceeding them.
  • We are a Church School and we all uphold Christian values. We always embrace kindness and good behaviour.
  • We are a School in which we all feel safe and valued and are given the opportunity to express our emotions appropriately.

The Church of England has a Statement of Entitlement which states what pupils are entitled to, please see the link below and select Statement of Entitlement;

C of E Statement of Entitlement

Our School Prayer

Bless those who help us learn, and those with whom we play,
Bless those who care for us in our school each day.
Bless me as well Lord, yet one more thing I pray,
Help me do the best I can in every single way.

Each class says a daily prayer usually at the end of the day and encourages the class to reflect using their prayer corners in the classroom.

St Mary the Virgin Church is located in Churchgate, Cheshunt.

Inside the church there are a number of memorials including one for the Dewhurst family who were founding members of the Dewhurst Schools, ( Dewhurst St Mary Primary School, Churchfield Primary School and St Mary’s CE High School).

St Mary’s CE High School continues to be supported by the Dewhurst Trust and the Trust is responsible for the appointment of Foundation Governors who are on St Mary’s Board of Governors.

The School uses the church for significant services throughout the school year and provides an opportunity for the school and local community to worship and celebrate together.

Once each year in the spring term, our students join the children from Churchfield and St Mary’s High School for a Founders Day service to celebrate and give thanks for the lives of our founders.