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ict_photoWe aim to give our children the best possible input into developing discrete computing skills, through engaging, relevant and inspiring units of work from Reception to Year 6. As well as this they use computing to increase their skills across the curriculum both in their classrooms and in our fully equipped and networked computer suite.

The children live in a climate of exciting and changing times, where computing will be a powerful influence on their lives. We aim to provide them with the necessary skills to adapt to this changing world. Therefore we feel it is important that all children have E-safety sessions and are made aware of the dangers when using Computing. The children are taught using the Hertfordshire computing scheme of work. They work with a range of information to investigate the ways it can be presented, explore a variety of computing tools and talk about the uses of computing inside and outside the school.  Pupils are taught how to program software and fix programming issues.

All classrooms have an Smartboard with access to the internet, which are used extensively to enhance the quality of teaching and learning. Also they are equipped with i-pads, digital cameras, access to digital video cameras and MP3 players which are used whenever appropriate to enrich teaching and embed learning.