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What do parents think of our Christian ethos?

“As a parent, I really appreciate the fact that the school educates and teaches values as well as the curriculum. It assures me that my child has the best chance of becoming a well rounded individual” quote from a Year 5 parent.

“The school values of love, hope and faith are vividly captured by the care and support our daughter enjoys” quote from a  Year 4 parent.

“A quality inclusive learning environment” quote from a Year 3 parent

“The weekly newsletter is a great way to see what the school value is each week, which can be implemented at home also” quote from a Year 2 parent.

“The challenging health situation she went through was met with compassion by the school staff, and every effort has been made to ensure she continues to thrive academically and grow in self-confidence” quote from a Year 3 parent.

Taken from our parent questionnaires.