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Inclusion is seen to involve the identification and minimising of barriers to learning
and participation, and the maximising of resources to support learning participation’
Index for Inclusion – Booth and Ainscow 2000

Successful inclusion should result in every pupil feeling safe, confident and happy at
school. Successful inclusion should see every pupil making the best progress of
which they are able and enjoying their time at school – be that in lessons, during
their play or lunchtimes or when involved in any of our Extended School activities.
Successful inclusion should promote every pupil’s belief in themselves as a learner
and valued member of our school community.

Successful inclusive provision at Dewhurst St Mary CE Primary is seen as the
responsibility of the whole school community, permeating all aspects of school life
and applicable to all our pupils

To access information about support and provision available to SEN pupils and families please click the link below;

Hertfordshire Local Offer

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