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Parents’ Information

To contact the office please email or use the SchoolGateway App or call the school 01992 624177 8.30am -3.45pm
If you need to contact us outside of these times, please leave a message on the answer phone.

The School Day

The school is open from 8.45am – 3.15pm.
Registers are closed at 9am and at 1.15pm
Pupils have a 15 min break mid morning (KS1 break 10.30-10.45)  and  (KS2 break 10.45-11)
Lunch 12.15-1.10pm  (EYFS have lunch 11.50-12.50) (yr 1  12pm lunch)

Contact details

It is sometimes necessary to contact parents during the day if their child has had an accident or is taken ill at school. For this reason we keep details of where parents work or can normally be found, as well as the telephone numbers of additional emergency contacts (such as grandparents or close friends). This includes any change in personal circumstances that affect the children. It is most important that you help us keep this information up to date. Please let us know in writing, immediately of any change of address, workplace, phone number, family doctor or other relevant information.


Parents should, wherever possible, administer or supervise the self-administration of medication to their children. This may mean the parent visiting the establishment. However, this might not be practicable and in such a case parents may make a request for medication to be administered to the child at the school. A consent form with clear instructions must be filled in by the parent.

When can my child be left to walk to school or walk home alone?

As your child gets older it’s likely they’ll want a bit more independence. Going out without you is a natural step for them to take when the time is right. This leaflet may help you work out when your child is ready and, most importantly, help you to keep them safe. If your child is in year 5 or 6 and you would like to give permission to walk home from school please e-mail the school to give permission for this.

School Dinners

We have an electronic system of ordering and choosing meal selections from home through the School Gateway System.   All school dinners from Reception to Year 6 MUST be ordered using our parent pre-selection.  This MUST be carried out before each morning at 8 am. You can select meals up to 3 weeks at a time.
Please ensure that you are choosing meals your child has requested as sometimes children will often refuse a meal that a parent has chosen on their behalf and we don’t want to see any child refusing to eat their chosen meal.

For children in KS2 meals will only be available to choose when you have sufficient funds in your account.  If there are not sufficient funds there will be no option to select a meal.  If you are entitled to Free School Meals your choice selection should automatically be available on the system.  If your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 you will automatically be able to choose meal selections as these pupils are entitled to Universal Free School Meals.
Meal selections can be made up to 3 weeks in advance and you can now choose on a daily basis whether your child would like a school meal or a home packed lunch. School dinners can be taken on an ad-hoc basis.
If your child is absent please cancel the meal before 8am that morning or the meal will be prepared and you will be charged.

If your child has dietary requirements please let our school office know and we can give you contact details of Herts catering who will liaise with you to amend the menu to suit your child’s requirements.
School Gateway - ordering dinners instructions (118 downloads )